January 11, 2017

2017: Movies + TV

For the next installment of  my 2017 series, I’m going to examine which TV shows and movies I’m looking forward to feasting my eyes on. 

First, I’ll cover movies. 

So far, 2017 seems to be quite lacking in the big blockbuster movie department. I don’t mean the fact that it’s only January, of course, but looking ahead to seeing when movies are coming out. That said, I’m looking forward to the following. Please note, that just because I don’t want to see something at the cinema, doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it. 


Guardians 2

I will definitely see this one opening night in premium format.


Alien: Covenant

The Aline films seem to be hit or miss. The very first two were quite good but the rest after that…..we’ll see by word of mouth before I decide if I want to see this one at the cinema, or wait for it to hit Netflix [so I can ‘legally’ watch it but not pay an arm and a leg to do so.]


Pirates 5

Good chance I’ll see this one at the cinema. Perhaps not during the first week, but I hope to see it at the cinema. If I hear it’s terrible….I’ll still watch it, but may wait for it to be on Netflix.



It’s another MCU movie, so of course I’ll be at the cinema in premium format to see this one! I quite enjoyed Spider-Man in Civil War, so bring on his own film. 


War of the Apes

I’d like to see this one, but I’ll most likely see it on Netflix. I enjoyed the more recent Apes movies, but I’ve never gotten excited enough to catch them at the cinema, though. 



I managed to see about the first 10 minutes of this when I saw Rogue One. It looks pretty impressive. I’d definitely be willing to catch it in the cinema, especially in a premium format (Nolan likes to use IMAX camera for filming). 


Blade Runner 2

I loved Blade Runner, especially the final cut. I saw it in a cinema, in fact. Basically, the reception of this film will determine how I will watch it. I want to see it though, but do I want to spend the $20 to do so….?

…and those are pretty much it for the year that I I’m looking forward to seeing. I’m sure I’ll see others, and some dates may get pushed back, and some may advance. But as of this moment, those are the ones I’m looking forward to seeing. 

Now, for the TV shows. 

At the moment, the only show I’m watching “as it goes” is Vikings. I enjoyed it enough to not wait until the season was finished to power through it, but to watch it week-by-week. The only other show I do that with at the moment is Game of Thrones. Season 7 will be this year sometime, so I’m looking forward to that. It would be nice to get the book The Winds of Winter by Martin before the new season begins, but that’s another post. 

The other shows I watch ‘later’ – I either wait for the season to end, the entire show to finish, or I watch on Netflix. Netflix recently posted the final episodes for Hell on Wheels, so now the entire show is there. I’m waiting for newer seasons of Halt and Catch Fire and Turn to be uploaded, as well. The Americans and Better Call Saul I’m waiting until they’re finished. I’m also interested in The Crown. Probably soon I’ll start Star Wars: Rebels, as well.

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