October 4, 2016

Tolkien Tuesday: Editions For *YOU*

I did a somewhat similar post of this nature a while ago, but I’m re-branding, re-editing it for Tolkien Tuesday purposes. Also, this serves as the last planned posts about BOOKS themselves for Tolkien Tuesday. I mean, never say never, but this concludes what I’ve got to say.

So far, I’ve covered the books I own, great paperback editions which ‘mirror’ or reflect other formats, (deluxe included) and the deluxe editions for collectors.

Now, I’m going to go over which ones you can find the easiest!

What I mean by that is this. I recommended specific editions. But, what happens if by the time you get around to getting the books, that particular edition is out of print? I know, that may sound odd: me recommending a particular edition, if others aren't available! I mean to say, that these ones are easily found, and as of this writing, still in print. You don’t need to worry about them running out, in other words. I was showing my collection over the past few weeks, now I am going to help you begin yours (unless you prefer the 'ultimate paperbacks').

So what follows are some hardbacks if you want to get the books in that format, but do not care about uniformity in regards to if they’re part of a matching set, different sizes on the shelf (some taller than others), etc. Or, if you’re shopping for someone’s birthday, and they say they want “The Lord of the Rings in hardback.”Basically, if you or the person you're buying for is not as fussy I am (or others can be).

As always, stock varies vendor-to-vendor, but you generally shouldn’t have a hard time finding these. I’m providing the ISBNs so you can use those to search for them. Please note that I definitely recommend recommend the following covered via past posts, if you can get them:
Paperback: http://insurrbution.blogspot.ca/2016/09/tolkien-tuesday-definitive-paperback.htmlHardback: mentioned through my blog week-by-week starting in June under the 'Tolkien Tuesday' header
Deluxe: http://insurrbution.blogspot.ca/2016/09/tolkien-tuesday-definitive-deluxe.html

Now for the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to start a Tolkien collection:


Due to its popularity, there are numerous editions. These ones are still in print, not too ‘costly’ and yet a ‘nice book’ as well.

This classic edition is quite lovely:

9780395071229 [note: on certain online retailers, even though they display this cover art and ISBN correctly, the DESCRIPTION is sometimes wrong: to clarify, this edition does not feature artwork by Michael Hague, but by Tolkien himself. It is a 'classic edition' in hardback] 

The edition illustrated by Jemima Catlin is also worthy of note: 



Whether as one book, 3 or the 3 in a box, this as well as The Hobbit are the more popular of Tolkien’s books. The cheapest way to get The Lord of the Rings is the single-volume edition.




There aren’t that many editions of The Silmarillion to begin with, but this one is the most commonly found.



Not to be a lazy writer, but what I said about The Silmarillion above also applies here.


With those, you should be on your way to having some great Tolkien books that you didn't have to fret about trying to get a hold of, and didn't have to pay an arm or a leg for.

Remember, I'm under the impression you'll be shopping online, and checking multiple vendors. Not to 'push' the web site but I did find that bookdepository.com carries all the ISBN's I've listed. Also, Abebooks is pretty good too, though read the description of the quality of the item, as well as make sure you purchase from at least 4 stars there to maximize the condition of the book. 

Happy hunting! Here's hoping you enjoy Tolkien's main books I've listed here, in both story and the edition you get. Or likewise if you're buying them for someone else. 

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