October 27, 2016

Tolkien 2018 Calendar Speculation

I have a theory.

I believe that the 2018 Tolkien Calendar will feature Alan Lee's artwork. More than that, I believe it will be from the forthcoming Beren and Luthien, making it a "2018 Beren and Luthien Calendar."

How did I arrive at this conclusion?

Every so often, I check out sites like Amazon UK or Book Depository for listings of upcoming books (not limited to Tolkien). I saw that the 2018 Calendar was listed, so I went to the page there. It stated that Alan Lee is the illustrator. Also, it says this:

20 b/w, 12 col illus.

Checking out the page for Beren and Luthien (also illustrated by Alan Lee) it states this:

20 b/w illus, 8 col plates, Index.

Based on this, I believe it's fair to guess at this point that I may be accurate. Please note that when The Children of Hurin was published in 2007, the 2008 calendar featured artwork (from both the book) by Alan Lee.

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