September 20, 2016

Newest Tolkien Addition: "The Lord of the Rings" (60th Anniversary (illustrated) Edition)

Well, I've done it - I've got myself another Tolkien book for the 'Do Not Read' Editions collection. This one is a copy of The Lord of the Rings. Detailed info below.

60th Anniversary (illustrated) Edition, Harper Collins. ISBN: 9780007525546
Product info: This new edition includes all 50 of Alan Lee's beautiful watercolour paintings that have been newly scanned by the artist himself, together with his stunning frontispiece painting that appears in full, for the very first time, as a three-page foldout sheet. The text has been reset using the definitive 50th anniversary text and is printed on high-quality paper, and this is accompanied by Tolkien's own maps, which are printed in red & black as endpapers. The unjacketed book features illustrated boards and includes a silk ribbon marker, and is housed in a special transparent slipcase; together with Alan's beautiful paintings, this new presentation of this landmark work provides the reader with the ultimate edition with which to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its first publication.

The title is not factory-sealed issued, however there is a box provided by the publisher, which is plain cardboard. There is a label on the box featuring the Tolkien emblem, as well as the ISBN, and bar code. Box is in excellent condition. Upon reciving the item, it was removed from the provided box to check for exterior / noticeable damage to the book or slipcase. Both book and slipcase are in brand new / near-mint condition. The book has never been removed from the slipcase, and therefore, never been opened. Book was replaced back inside provided publisher box exactly how it came out. [please note that the slipcase is flimsy, and replacing the book back inside can be tricky. This was discovered and observed while examining a shelf-copy at a national bookstore. Reading up about this particular edition online, it appears that many, many copies of this have recieved some degree of damage due to postage; whether to the book, the slipcase, or the provided box. This copy has never been removed from the slipcase.]

Book in as new condition

Why I got it: Do I regret having my reading copy of The Lord of the Rings, or the 50th anniversary deluxe edition offered by Houghton Mifflin which is my other 'do not read' copy? No. Now, I'm not going to get every edition of The Lord of the Rings that ever was, or ever will be, but this one definitely appealed to me. First of all, I fully intend to pair this with my copy of The Hobbit illustrated by Jemima Catlin, as that book seems lonely....Also, it seems quite collectible: the slipcase (which is flimsy and seems quite easy to damage. This is based from handling and observations of a few copies I've seen in book stores. If you plan on getting a copy yourself, take extreme care with the slipcase), the fold-out artwork sheet at the front, the ribbon place-holder, the publisher-provided box (The Children of Hurin and The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun Super Deluxe editions?).... Also, it didn't cost me too much to actually get such a high-end publication, thanks to a store promotion; much like The Hobbit illustrated by Jemima Catlin.

So that's all! I truly do not intend to 'collect' any more Tolkien books (or books, period) for the 'Do Not Read' category, however, who knows what Tolkien items Houghton Mifflin or Harper Collins could publish in the future....? At this moment, my Tolkien collection (for 'collecting' not 'reading') is complete.

This edition pairs quite well with Jemima Catlin's illustrated edition (standard hardback or deluxe) of The Hobbit.

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