August 2, 2016

Missed Deadline

Well, I hate to say it, but it happened.

About four years ago, when I began extremely early drafts of my novel and conceiving the plot, characters, and background info, it was my intent to have the first volume completed; in the earliest of draft forms by August 6th, 2016. That day marked 20 years since the publication of A Game of Thrones, the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. That's because while reading the books that were out at the time, they served as the spark to get me to write. Well, that day is coming up this week and I’m nowhere close to meeting that.

I’ve made progress, but it’s all distributed across over a few character chapters, plot notes, background info, notes on the map…..there’s still quite a bit to do, but I’ve been laying the foundation. I’m creating the world as I’m putting story elements and characters into it. It’ll go a lot better (not to mention faster) once the world building has had a lot more work. Not only that, but I work 37.5 hours a week. And I don’t feel like writing every time I’m at the computer as well. It’s trickier to find the time and effort to put into it. I’d like to put more, but it seems ‘spare writing time’ is harder to come by.

But when I do write, it’s going quite well. I’d put to put in more time. I’m going to take this missed deadline as stern effort to get more writing in. I won’t force it, but I’ll do better management wise to allow for more writing. I also have a short story I’m working on I hope to complete in October, so we’ll see how that goes as well….

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