August 29, 2016

General Update

My my, how time flies! August is nearly at an end!

I don’t know why time has seemed to flow quicker than usual as of late. I haven’t been keeping myself too busy. It may be time to finally shut off the air conditioning. I don’t put it on when it gets unbearably hot or humid, but more to keep the temperature at a specific level so it won’t get hot in the house.

September is nearly upon us, which means Labour Day long-weekend is coming up for us Canadian folk.

That also means that fall is nigh. Now, I really like it when it’s ‘cool’ or ‘warm’. Ideally, my preferred temperature is 20 celsius, either end of the thermometer. I also like winter. I just dislike how long we have ‘winter weather’ here up in Canada. Towards the end, it feels like it overstays its welcome. And the barren stretch of Jan & Feb is never fun either.

Bit by bit I’ve been working on the book. The plot (not my work, but the story progression) is advancing at a glacial pace. I mean, of course, the writing of said plot. Been taking and using lots of notes. This past weekend I was away so not much computer time, by the way. I hope do to do some this coming long weekend, but not dedicate the entire weekend to it.

TV show wise, I’m working my way through Bloodline: Season 2, and a complete re-watch (because I never “finished the entire series, but left off around Season 7) of How I Met Your Mother. I’m looking forward to a few more seasons of shows I currently watch, I don’t plan on starting anything that’s new to me for a little while yet.

I will also finish up reading The Winter King this week I hope. Great read so far, look for my review once I complete it. I definitely recommend it, it is one of the best I’ve read in a long time, potentially ever. On the e-reader I’ve got Elfstones of Shannara on the go. I will also likely review that as well. After I finish Elfstones, I’ll move onto Wishsong of Shannara, and take a “Shannara break” for a couple of e-books. When I do get back to reading Terry Brooks, it’ll be with the Heritage of Shannara omnibus ebook.

It’s prolly too early to say, but it seems that the two best ‘direct’ high fantasy authors inspired by Tolkien are Terry Brooks (though I’m starting with Elfstones both publication date and chronology wise) and Robert Jordan. Those two are definitely ‘Tolkien disciples’ for their fantasy stories. George R.R. Martin also mentions that he owes a lot to owe to Tolkien. So do other fantasy authors. With Martin, it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to do ‘his’ version of The Lord of the Rings. With Brooks and Jordan, they start out that way then their stories take forms of their own. Authors like Martin, Patrick Rothfuss and Steven Erikson, sure, they may have been inspired by Tolkien, but it doesn’t appear that they are mimicking him, was more my point.  

Speaking of Tolkien….

Lately, you may have seen some “Tolkien Tuesday” posts from me. What that is, is a series of blog posts I publish (very close to) Tuesday relating to Tolkien. Each and every week. Unless there’s news or an ‘omg’ factor that can’t wait for Tuesday to come for me to post. This has started off by me naming off my Tolkien books. Well, my primary main ones that I have on a shelf in my office. I detail what makes those editions unique, and why I got them, etc. I don’t intend to be a materialistic person…but I need to say that my books are my favourite material possessions, my Tolkien books chiefiest among them I have other favorites too but Tolkien has a place for me, and is a big part of my life, other than really liking the stories.

So far I’ve covered all of those “main” books, my special collectors editions that I own; purchased with collecting in mind. The next post scheduled will be supplementary / ‘other’ books (example, atlases etc.) That will end my report of the Tolkien books I own. I’ll do a few more book related posts for the Tolkien Tuesdays (2 or 3), then branch off from there.

There’s not too much movie wise. I’m looking forward to a few here and there in cinemas, but nothing right now is ‘must watch’. I’ll wait for Suicide Squad to come out ‘at home’ and see it then, as well as a few others. Hey, just because I prefer the live action Marvel films over the DC ones doesn’t mean I dislike the DC ones. I’m just more wary of them.

* thinks * That pretty much covers it…..

Keep your eyes peeled! I hope to 2 posts per week at the very least.

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