July 25, 2016

SDCC 2016 Thoughts

So another Comic Con has come and gone, and I’ll share some of my thoughts. This post will be about the Marvel & DC live action films.


We got previews for both Wonder Woman and Justice League. The wonder Woman preview didn’t really do much for me. It reminded me of a mix of Captain America and Thor. However, this is the first time we get a live action treatment of the character (part of a cinematic universe), and Gal Gadot looks awesome in the part, not counting her brief appearance in Dawn of Justice. There were a few moments in the preview that were supposed to be funny, but I didn’t even smile…awkward humor attempt.

Justice League got the better looking trailer. We get a good look at some of the core members (I’m guessing Green Lantern will join the ranks for the second film, as well possibly Martian Manhunter). I’ll wait for home viewing for both of these, due to my wariness of live action DC treatment. Plus there could be potential director’s cuts. I learned in a good way, sometimes it’s better to wait and see a director’s cut raw; as it can save a film, or take it from ‘rotten’ to ‘fresh’.

I’m slowly warming up to Suicide Squad, but will again await the home release. I’ll do that for the entire DCU, most likely. Also, I didn’t catch / find anything in regards to DC animated movies, or the Arrowverse.


OK, so I won’t talk about logos here (who cares?! It doesn’t affect the movie itself! Sheesh people…) but what was seen / revealed at comic con.

I know I’ll be seeing Doctor Strange, so no need for me to watch any more footage (I like to limit myself to one trailer per film). Likewise, I’ll be seeing Spider-Man, but it’s too bad the footage shown hasn’t (properly) made its way online yet. Black Panther seems to be getting better and better. Also, I would have wished to seen footage from Thor 3 and Guardians 2, but nothing online yet…but I’m looking forward to both. Thor 2 wasn’t the greatest, but it was by no means a terrible movie. Just not one of the better films in the entire MCU, yet certainly not the worst.

Still nothing official in regards to the next Avengers movies. No, I wasn’t expecting a trailer, poster etc…but a proper title reveal. They were initially called Infinity War: Part 1, and Infinity War: Part 2, but one (or both) have been renamed, I’m just looking forward to what…not that it matters, I’ll see all the MCU films in cinemas. Granted, some I’m more looking forward to than others, but I’ll be there! Also, I’m not sure what was presented in regards to their Netflix shows…

So that’s about all. It seems that Marvel is still ‘on top’, but because of the backlash of the cinematic version of Dawn of Justice, DC is still going very strong despite that.  Release date wise, the DCU could get back on track when Suicide Squad is released, yet I’m still cautious. “THE” movie I’m looking forward to the most from Marvel would be Guardians 2.


Fantastic Beasts and Skull Island are of zero interest to me. I believe that’s it in terms of major news, but I’ll keep digging online to see what exciting things came out of Comic Con 2016. 

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