June 17, 2016

Food, Beer, and War

Well, tonight is a night to look forward to.

I'm gathering some of my favourite people up (those that can make it of course) for supper at a locla brew-pub. In fact, there's going to be 10 of us! Well, at the very most. I've got the reservations all set.

Following that, most of us will be off to see.....

Yes, we will be seeing Warcraft, which is based on the first-ever video game from the '90s, NOT the 2004 (and onwards) MMO, World of Warcraft. There's been love/hate reviews coming in, so I'll provide my own after I see it. What am I expecting? Not as bad as what the critics are saying, but nowhere near the Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings level epic that was promised. Perhaps as good as one of The Hobbit films. But we'll see. Who knows, maybe the beer from Big Rig will make it better than it really is. Look for my review this weekend [yes, I know I failed t deliver a few movie reviews here and there but this one I will definitely do.] 

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