March 9, 2016

VI: No more, No Less

Well, another update… I’ve been too busy to blog lately. Not that much time in front of the computer in general, really.

I suppose it’s time to give a writing update, which is how I’ll ‘catch up’ on the blog this week.

So the news!

It’s not big or major news, but I’ve come to the realization that my book series will be six volumes. This is nothing new, as I had always said ‘five or six’, or ‘if five is too large, I’ll do a sixth’. I’m just confirming that it will be six. No more, no less.

I’m piecing stuff together in my head (and my notes of course) and six volumes seems and feels more logical, organic and less stressful than limiting myself to five volumes. It also gives the story of the entire series more room to breathe and develop.  They won’t be huge books, but they’ll be a little bit larger than ‘normal’ (don’t count on any of them being less than 500 pages in hardback format, but no larger than 700 pages)

So, that’s the update: it will be told in six volumes. I won’t update you every step of the way, nor keep you completely in the dark, but I’ll keep you posted when I am confident in what I’m conveying, and won’t break my word. Although I highly doubt I’ll finish writing Volume I by this August…. [my original goal when I started back in 2012.] 

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