February 4, 2016

Big Nintendo Post


Well, there’s been quite a bit going on gaming wise, so I’m going to do one massive post about all things of interest to me about Nintendo lately. Some you may already know, but alas, here’s ‘the’ spot.

First up, is the new DLC content for Smash U is now at an end. The final two characters, stage, and mii costumes have been released. I’ll doubt we’d get anything new game-wise, perhaps a few updates and patches here and there. The characters are Bayonetta, and Corrin (the ‘avatar’ of Fire Emblem: Fates, the way that Robin was for Fire Emblem: Awakening.). the final stage is Bayonetta themed.

I've gotta say, (even though it's been a day) I'm enjoying the new content. Sure there's an abundance of Fire Emblem characters (and what about Pokemon??) but Corrin is truly unique from the rest, in the way that Robin is, and even Ike. I'm not just saying that because I'm a recent, new convert to Fire Emblem, but it's true.

Also, I’ve done a new set of Mario Maker levels!

Here are the codes for them. Also, if you go here : https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/profile/insurrbution that's my profile! So sign in with your Nintendo ID, and book them and then try them in the game. This set will be up until around Feb. 19. [for the next part of the post, scroll until you see the Fire Emblem picture]

Super Mario Land : B2E1-0000-0151-6C3F

The Lost Levels : D0D2-0000-0151-6D11Mario Land 1-2 : 54FB-0000-0151-6EC1

Mario Land 1-3 : D4A2-0000-0151-6F31

1-A : F8BB-0000-01AD-F38C

1-B : C834-0000-01AD-F44C

1-C : E50B-0000-01AD-F59B

1-D : 66F6-0000-01AD-F633

2-A : CC5C-0000-01AE-101A

2-B : 348D-0000-01AE-10E4

2-C : 0D9E-0000-01AE-1204

2-D : 780F 0000-01AE-12D3

3-A : CAC2-0000-01AE-13D7

3-B : D337-0000-01AE-148A

3-C : 2F7A-0000-01AE-15D2

3-D : 81F5-0000-01AE-16F7

4-A : 2B15-0000-01AE-17C9

4-B : D5EB-0000-01AE-1DD4

4-C : 2625-0000-01AE-2506

4-D : 00A9-0000-01AE-2739

Princess to the Rescue : 90EF-0000-01AE-28DC

Which Way : CB5D-0000-01AE-2AB3
Underworld : 539F-0000-01AE-2B64

D-1 : BD2D-0000-01AE-2BE8

D-2 : AA68-0000-01AE-2C0D

D-3 : B317-0000-01AE-2C29

D-4 : C738-0000-01AE-2C32

*-4 : c526-0000-01ae-2c66

d-d : 48af-0000-01ae-2c8c

*-D : 1D18-0000-01AE-2C9F 

Very shortly, the next Fire Emblem game (or…parts…) are coming out here in North America. I’m sure FE fans know the drill, but if you’re a newcomer, let me break it down for you. Please note that is off the official site, but I’m re-posting here. Most especially the DLC portion. I'm a newcomer to Fire Emblem, like most hearing the name for the first time when Marth and Roy were introduced in Smash: Melee.

So,anyway, Fire Emblem: Fates is three 'paths' or stories to one giant game. Each one stands on it's own. Well, think of it as 3-pronged fork in the road once you reach a certain part of the game, and its story.

The release, however, is similar in how to The Legend of Zelda: Oracles (Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages) and some others games were had multiple actual 'games' on launch day, so too will Fire Emblem Fates, as Birthright and Conquest. The third path / game , Revelation, will be made available as DLC on March 10th. There was also a Special Edition, but that's been sold out for quite some time. I was after it, but too late. At the 'worst' I chose to follow the Birthright release.

There is some upcoming DLC (including Revelation, which, as of now, will be eshop / digital only. So make sure you have enough blocks.). The pictures below help show you, but if you want to read up on all the DLC, go here : http://fireemblemfates.nintendo.com/dlc/

Finally, I’ll close by saying that I believe I have a great idea. Nintendo’s wii u follow up console, as of now known as the NX, will be releasing…sometime. We haven’t had a proper, full reveal quite yet, however. I’m going to list a few things I would like the system to be, as well as game ideas for it, that didn’t happen on the wii u, or N3DSXL [yet…?]

First, and foremost, I want it to be GAMING system. It doesn't need the 'best' graphics like PS4 or XBOX ONE are going for, but pretty good. I also don't want any 'gimmicks' - no VR. No 3D. No Motion controls. Nothing. Just a straight-up, standardized controller.

Also, when it comes to older games, I'd like Nintendo to have it set up so, if you use your Nintendo ID to buy it (Virtual Console), it'll be good for any compatible systems. That way you don't need to re-buy Mario 3 every time a new system comes out, for instance.

As one of the launch titles for the system, I have an idea - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. It seems that lately Nintendo's been re-releasing Zelda games to make them even more superior, graphically and gameplay wise, and Skyward Sword seems to be next on that list.

Like many games for the wii, the game itself was pretty good, but due to motion controls, took something away or out of the game. Skyward Sword seems to be designed around or for motion controls, so that aspect will need to be completely changed and re-designed for possible future releases. The game was a little too linear for an exploration game, so it will be neat to see what and how Nintendo could change to it in the future.

I'm also looking forward to the next Smash game, Mario Kart, and "Zelda NX". If I get one, it'll be because some games I'm interested in will be out, or coming out for it.

I will close by sending off a wish-list for Nintendo:


Metroid Collection (Super Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion on a game, physical)

Earthbound Collection

Fire Emblem Collection
(multiple Volumes, maybe or maybe not on same release date, bringing some of the older games to the handheld, like how the remake of the first game did on the DS)

Captain Toad
- a Captain Toad game, based off of the Mario 3D land graphics / physics.

Bravely Third

Some older Square Enix games that were on PS1 re-done for the 3DSXL (Crono Cross, for instance. Or even PS2, if it can handle it)

A new, proper Metroid game

A new, proper Paper Mario game.

...I really can't think of what else, as the line-up is already stellar.

wii u:

A new, proper Metroid game

A new, proper Paper Mario game

Some Gamecube classics re-done.

The wii u is starting to begin to end so I'm not sure what, or how many big games Nintendo can fit on it before they unveil the follow up. So, some 'NX' games I'd like to see are.....

Mario Kart 9
. It'll be similar to later installments like 7 & 8, but it could also feature, as in game or DLC, every driver from the past, as well as the courses up to that point. Or, say...a Bowser Cup, or a Rainbow (Road) Cup. Or, even, an 'N64 course pack'.

Smash NX. The one on wii u was pretty solid. There isn't much I think of to improve, but there are a few staples I've missed such as an adventure mode, or break the targets. I really liked the way that classic was set up on 64 and Melee. I'd like a Brawl-sized inital lineup, and then possibly expand to the initial line up of wii u, with dlc etc....some achievements that are a bit easier to obtain, as well as every single stage up to that point.

Zelda NX. A Zelda game MADE for the NX. And please don't bring it out shortly before the end of the system's life, Nintendo, just like you did for the Gamecube with Twilight Princess, the wii with Skyward Sword, and, it seems, the wii u with the new Zelda. Like I mentioned above, a Skyward Sword (HD) as ONE of the launch titles would be pretty neat.

A full, proper Metroid game.

A full, proper Paper Mario game.

A new F-Zero.

A new Star Fox

and that's all for now! *phew*!

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