January 7, 2016

Mario Maker Update: Jan 6 - 29 (My Faves of '15)

Hey all!

Another Mario Maker update! Nothing ‘new’ this time (well, the codes changed). This is, what I like to think of my ‘best of’ or my ‘faves’ of the levels I’ve done (not counting the new set close to Feb. So these may be familiar for those who’ve followed me from the start. Also, pay attention to the naming conventions of the levels. The higher a level is, the harder it’ll be. (example: “D-3” will be quite difficult, as it is the second last level in the ‘game’ of ‘A-1 – D-4’).

So I hope you enjoy, and I’ve given a few ‘clues’ in case I’ve made my levels TOO hard. They’re not troll levels, or ‘Panga’ but they can be quite tricky. I hope you don’t lose heart and try to beat them :)

So here they are:

Super Mario Land: A Tribute [ B2E1-0000-0151-6C3F ]
This is a 'remake' of the first level of Super Mario Land, a game not many console only players got to play.

The Lost Levels: A Tribute [ D0D2-0000-0151-6D11 ]
My 'remake' of The Lost Levels openng level with this game.

Super Mario Land 1-2 Remix [ 54FB-0000-0151-6EC1 ] 

Another Super Mario Land remake. Go for the coins.

Super Mario Land 1-3 Remix [ D4A2-0000-0151-6F31 ]
Title is explanatory. Do your best not to get small!

A-1 [ 42E1-0000-0178-D472 ]
A fairly simple level, the first of a 'game' (or, a 'hidden' level if allowed in this game)

C-1 [ B339-0000-0178-D652 ]
This isn't a remix, remake etc...but I admit to using some familiar elements out of Lost Levels and Mario 1 here. In the high row of question blocks, 4th from the pipe.

C-2 [ 00B4-0000-0178-D78B ]
Again, I borrowed some elements here. Mind the steps.

D-1 [ 1D29-0000-0178-D8A5 ]
Those of you who made it to 8-1 in Lost Levels or Mario 1 will recognize portions of this level...

D-3 [ 0E19-0000-0178-D9EA ]
Not going to lie,, this is one of the hardest levles i made, and it's meant to be played 'near the end of a game'. for a great start, jump around the castle wall at the beginning. There is more than a coin brick...Also, if you're good at Bullet Bill bouncing, not only can you rack points, by killing them, it's the best way to avoid them.

*-1 (Lost Levels 2-1 Attempt) [ 1C01-0000-0178-DD16 ]
A bonus level for World 1! I did my best to recreate 2-1 from The Lost Levels.

*-2 (Mario 1 6-2 Attempt) [ CEE7-0000-0178-DF92 ]
A bonus level for World 2! I did my best to recreate 6-2 from Mario 1, especially considering you only have one sub-space 'plane' to work with.

*-3 (Lost Levels 7-1 Attempt) [ 151C-0000-0178-E1FA ]
A bonus level for World 2! I did my best to re-create 7-1 from Lost Levels. If you get the Star, don't kill the two red Para Troopas......

A-A [ 5A74-0000-0178-E4B7 ]
The series of A-A - D-D was designed to be my 'after you beat Bowser, try these...' levels. No hints that I can think of.

*-A [ D731-0000-0178-EAEC ]
A bonus level for World A! Don't rush through this one....there are spots that can be deadly if a speed run is attempted.

*-D [ D33D-0000-0178-EC83 ]
World D's secret...ah, castle?! I've included this castle rather than others for a few reasons: the 'double trouble' at the beginning to get your first mushroom, the 'slow and steady' of the pipe portion (and rewards for doing so...). Everything isn't what it seems in this castle, including the boss fight!

Welcome to Mario Maker! [ A501-0000-0178-EE6A ]
The 'first level' of a game! Pretty simple.

Plant-trap Pass [ 7B22-0000-0178-F259 ]
Lots of plants, and a few tricks here! Not all paths lead to goodies.....when you see the 3 Buzzy Beetles, make sure you're standing on top of of the bricks if you want what's inside.

Pipe Plains [ 90E9-0000-0178-F4CB ]
Go up at the start where the two Muchers-in-Pipes are. Drop down to enter the pipe properly. Beware the spawning pipes, and for extra goodies, after the pipe-cross, enter ONLY the sideways pipe. Beware the stairs at the end.

Shell Stronghold [ 65E9-0000-0178-F75F ]
If it has a shell, you'll fight it. Take the high road when possible.

Supply Stop [ 8EBC-0000-0178-F9BA ]
With the air ship levels, even when not scrolling, the screen still moves...making it hard to see the ground is in fact ground. Your 'twirls' will help you in this one a bit. You know, if you do the same controls as to fly with Propeller Mushroom? Do that when you jump if you don't have it for an extra 'bit' in your jump. Handy for jumping huge gaps, stopping your jump, dodging, or for hopping on enemies. If you fall between the two pipes, all is not lost....

The Heir of Koopa [ D0A8-0000-0178-FD86 ]
If you get a star, DON'T KILL THE THWOMPS. Go on top of where they drop, and spin-jump from Thwomp to Thwomp over the spikes to get some goodies. On the way down, you can see the rails of the bridge, the Paara-Bones and the Giant Lava Bubble.
When you get the pow, you have a few options. The first is to throw it at one of the th two thowmps, as passing there without can be tricky. If you pass them with the pow, you can use it on the Buzzy Beetle / Hammer Bro. Or, the Hammer Bros Pair. Or, best (and hardest to get to without using it), the level boss for a one-hit kill (if on the ground or thrown at direct.)

Dunked Doom-ship [ 2B9A-0000-0179-0032 ]

The Field of Fire [ 1539-0000-0179-0093 ]
Watch for lava bubbles, the rotation of fire bars, and remember to 'twirl'!

The Throne of the Koopa [ b479-0000-0179-0549 ]
This is another I made intentionally to be hard.....
King Koopa's Throne! But...he's not on it! Jumping over it may be risky, so your best bet, is using the blocks to clear it. for the goomba tower and ? block, keep going and use a koopa shell to take out the tower, and get your prize [best option is while holding a shell, jump the tower, stand on the ? , then throw.]. Once at the Red koopa's bridge, hop around on it a bit, and keep going up.....time your jumps with the burners and doghnut blocks well, and twirl when needed. Blue platform, blue platform enter the pipe. Don't linger.
Next area! Wait for the burners to die down, and then use it next to the pipe to get a running start, then jump (twirl if you feel scared). Hammers and staris don't mix, so play careful....jump around on the highest part where the sledge bro is.... One you get to the Giant Para-Bones, bounce off of him then twirl to easily clear the two Giant Chomps.
If you feel like you need it 9if you're small), keep going past 'THE' pipe (easy jumps but tricky to spot) to claim a boost. Then, it's on to the boss(es!)

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