November 7, 2015

"Mario Maker" Levels : Nov. 6 - 20

Well, it's that time again - more Mario Maker levels from yours truly!

Here are the codes for the batch uploaded most recently, and will be replaced on Nov. 20. This time, I went for Mario Bros 1 graphic style. I did 'New' for my 'game', but I wanted to go back to the roots. Also, at this point, no hills etc so my designs work with the original game's look, style and interface anyway, which would work great for Mario Bros. 3, and Mario World.

A-1 :3A2F-0000-00D6-AF47

A-2 :46DA-0000-00D6-B02A

A-3 :A237-0000-00D6-B139

A-4 :63AF-0000-00D6-B24E

B-1 :4CA8-0000-00D6-B312

B-2 :405D-0000-00D6-B434

B-3 :5F47-0000-00D6-B541

B-4 :EF12-0000-00D6-B69E

C-1 : 11E1-0000-00D6-B7D0

C-2 :561A-0000-00D6-B8A5

C-3 :D2BF-0000-00D6-B9FD

C-4 :16BC-0000-00D6-BBDC

D-1 :7E34-0000-00D6-BC91

D-2 :319B-0000-00D6-BD2E

D-3 :13A1-0000-00D6-BDDF


...and making a return: (these ones will 'stay' up when I change the levels on Nov. 20. A-1 - D-4 will come down though.)

The Lost Levels: A Tribute : 23D5-0000-00D6-AB35

The Lost Levels 9-1: Maker Remix : 0FB0-0000-00D6-AB71

The Surface: BCC1-0000-00D6-AD1A

Classic Castle: Maker Remix: 217A-0000-00D6-AE1D

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