October 20, 2015

Victory! We Have Victory!

I usually use the blog for things of interest to me, on a nerd / geek level. Politics isn’t usually in that field, but with what every Canadian knows by now, it deserves a mention.

Last night the Liberals swept the Conservatives.

Now, over the course of time, I’ve usually voted NDP and Liberal, depending on the year, party, platform, leader etc…I’ve never voted Conservative. Not due to being pro-active anti- Conservative bigotry (which I don’t have, but the attack ads, and posts against Liberals from ‘extreme’ Cons was a bit much. I just never agreed with their platform or leader’s.) Because of how much the Liberals defeated the Cons by, that says something. Perhaps about Harper. Perhaps about the Cons. Perhaps both. Or perhaps something else.

For me, I believe it was in 2011 when the Cons returned to power – and how they did (with the % of the vote thing…I can’t find the mage at this moment). Even during Harper’s campaign – “Protect our economy”. Using “crime” and other negative, fearful words to attempt to make Canadians afraid should they not vote for him. I believe, that was the wrong approach. That could, however, be Harper’s angle, or that of the Cons.

I much preferred Trudeau’s style – youthful, enthusiastic, promising change, giving hope. In terms of personality and charisma, Trudeau was the winner on that angle.

I do hope that this post won’t upset any readers, nor be too touchy – you don’t talk about religion and politics, after all.

I am glad to get “Canada” back, and escape words such as ‘protect’ etc that may make Canadians fearful (of what…?).

I believe the ideal election would be (keyword is ideal, not realistic) :

Justin Trudeau – Liberal

Jack Layton – NDP

Someone Else – Conservative

Elizabeth May – Green (…?)

Before I close, some good words from Mulcair:

“This election was about change, and tonight, Canadians turned the page on 10 long years and they rejected the politics of fear and division,”
“It is obvious that major differences exist between our parties, and over the past 78 days there was emphasis put on these differences, to permit Canadians to make a choice. Today, Canadians have made that choice and we accept it with humility.”
“In this campaign Mr. Trudeau made ambitious commitments to Canadians, and Canadians will have high expectations for their next Parliament.”

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