October 24, 2015

"Mario Maker" Levels: Oct 23 - Nov. 6

Ok, so I uploaded the rest of my 'game' I was making with Mario Maker. Sadly, I had to pull down my first set of levels to make way for the 2nd, and last half, of my game. I don't yet have enough stars to have the whole game posted, so here are levels 4-1 - 8-4, with codes and descriptions....look for another post the weekend of Nov. 7, when more levels will go up, and this set will go down.

"Into the Mountain (4-1)" : 62AE-0000-00BC-CC2A

Mario enters the gigantic mountain to continue his quest....

"Beneath the Mountain (4-2)" : 392A-0000-00BC-CD75

Mario's exploration leads him not only inside the mountain, but under it. In its belly, he must find the exit and beware of the dangers within....

"Like a Dream...(4-3)" : EEA0-0000-00BC-CDB1

This level is very similar to a dream that Mario had a while back.... (and since we can't always remember our dreams to the fullest detail, it's ok that this level is a little different from the original in which it's based)

"Beware of Dog (4-4)" : 4025-0000-00BC-CDEB

Mario has reached the next castle, and it's boss as well! Now, if only he could a bone inside one of the blocks for when he reaches the boss.....

"Highlands (5-1)" : C429-0000-00BC-CFF2

Still within the heights of the mountainous region, Mario's jumping ability begins to become truly tested within this level, and this world.

"P-Switch Skyway (5-2)" : 7E9B-0000-00BC-D1EB

Appearing primarily in bonus regions, Mario must now rely on the P Switch to get him to the end.

"Supply Stop (5-3)" : F79C-0000-00BC-D216

What's this?! Mario has happened upon a docked doom-ship! Is it loading supplies? Unloading? Either way, Mario must make his way across

"The Heir of Koopa (5-4)" : 9362-0000-00BC-D3AD

Mario has reached another castle, guarded by a formidable foe! Should Mario defeat him, is he gone for good?

"Hot Cave" (6-1)" : 6054-0000-00BC-D664

This level takes place near some lava. Where there's danger, there's also bound to be some secret goodies too! This is Mario After all ;)

"Guarded Grounds (6-2)" : 39AD-0000-00BC-D6AC

Above the ground, Mario faces some unexpected, yet strong foes!

"Chilled Cavern (6-3)" : ED72-0000-00BC-D6DE

brrr, this area is cold! Careful of the icy patch....

"Fire Spirits (6-4)" : 5F2A-0000-00BC-D708

This castle is haunted! Watch your back.

"Run for It!!! (7-1)" : 163d-0000-00bc-d7fa

Lakitu's aim may not the greatest, this is still a tricky level for Mario to complete, however!

"Jump, Man! (7-2)" : A7E3-0000-00BC-D83C

Mario's jumping skills are put to the test!

"Dunked Doom-ship (7-3)" : E1F5-0000-00BC-D973

Hmm., looks like this doom-ship has crashed into the water some time ago. Just because it's downed, doesn't mean 'not dangerous'....

"Into the Fire (7-4)" : 861E-0000-00BC-DAD0

This is one hot castle! Mario must take great here from start to finish.

"Enemy Territory (8-1)" : 3D6B-0000-00BC-DDA9

This is it - the beginning of the end of Mario's journey in Mario Maker! (first full set of level designed by me)

"The Secret Tunnel (8-2)" : B59B-0000-00BC-DF95

After entering the enemy's grounds in the previous level, Mario discovers a secret way that will get him into Bowser's (King Koopa) monstrous castle. To think 'straight through' would have been more dangerous!

"Field of Fire (8-3)" : ECA7-0000-00BC-E115

Bowser's Castle is in sight! But Mario is not yet there yet.... Between him and the entrance to the castle is a moat of lava, and some of Bowser's best to guard the area.

"The Throne of the Koopa (8-4)" : 9ACE-0000-00BC-E39E

This is it - the end of Mario's quest. Mario must make his way through Bowser's castle, and then defeat the king himself in combat. Best of luck!

This concludes my first 'game' (8 worlds, 4 levels per world). Thank you for playing, and I hope to get more levels up by the weekend of Nov 7th. So 4-1 - 8-4 will come down, and more will go up. I wish I had enough stars, which would have allowed me to post 1-1 - 8-4 at once!

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