October 10, 2015

A Catch Up

Hey all,

Sorry it's been a while. Moved into a new house, went on vacation and started a new job! I'm still here but I haven't gotten around to any writing, blog or otherwise, in a bit.

There are a few updates I wish to address here, rather than writing a ton of shorter posts.

The Art of the Lord of the Rings is now out! This will match The Art of the Hobbit. It was published Oct 8. Mine was shipped that day, but not delivered yet. Hopefully next week...[that is, Tolkien's artwork, this has nothing to do with the films].

The specs of the forthcoming Game of Thrones: Season 5 blu-ray has been unveiled, but I'll detail that the week before release, which is to be March. That fact leads me to believe that Season 6 will begin airing in April....

Mario Maker is now out, and boy have I been enjoying it! I've uploaded some courses. My first batch was a little weak, as it was my beginning set (you can only post 10 at a time. Well, I can - for now.) in another entry, I will post their details, should you wish to search them up and give them a go. I have each 'set' up for about 2 weeks, before I take some down, and post some others. I'm tinkering the next set, and begun work on the set after that. And in other gaming news, there's been a few Smash Bros. U updates and minor DLC releases.

I've finished Hell on Wheels: Season 4 and am waiting for Netflix to upload more episodes July - Aug 0f 2016. Right now I'm watching Bloodline: Season 1, and it's the best show since Breaking Bad, and the best Netflix original since House of Cards. So it's quite good! Worth checking out for sure.

There are a few book updates....nothing too new, other than names and titles of 'the next in the series' that I read / am interested in. Bernard Cornwell springs to mind. Oh, speaking of books:

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms has also been published. Technically, it's 're-published', as the three novellas included, have existed before in other formats. They are The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword and The Mystery Knight. The only thing that's 'new' (aside from the fact they have their own covers) is they are fully illustrated. And for those who are concerned about another book with Martin's name on the cover before The Winds of Winter that's NOT that book, fret not - the newest written material is The Mystery Knight was initially published in 2010.

There's also been an illustrated version of The Philosopher's Stone, with artwork by Jim Kay. Since it's the first in the series, and it's the only one out yet, here's hoping the whole set will be still be available once The Deathly Hallows illustrated edition is published whenever that may be. Or a set even, though that will most likely be pricey (as it will be seven illustrated hardbacks)

That's all I can think of that I wanted to write about in the past but didn't have a chance to do entries.

Stay tuned!

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