August 1, 2015

"Game of Thrones" Will Continue

Earlier this week, it has been confirmed from numerous news sources that Game of Thrones will continue for two more years [at least...?].

This is good, as the show runners were going for about 7-8 seasons or so anyway. Whether it will go "Season 7 will be 10 episodes, Season 8 will also be 10 episodes", or instead,  "Season 7 will be split into two, like Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Hell on Wheels" for the final year.

However they format the last batch of episodes, despite changes from the book here and there (for better or for worse) I am confident that the creative crew will do their best to send the show off in the best way that they can. I am hoping that this announcement means that they are able to wrap up the story in a timely manner without rushing too much, as opposed to dragging it on like a good chunk of shows on network TV that have been around for at least six years, or longer. 

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