July 24, 2015

Still Around

Hey all, just thought I'd do a quick note to let you know that I'm around, and so is the blog.

Things have gotten busy lately, as is normal, plus it's summer. Therefore, not a lot of time in front of the computer - for extended periods of time. Sadly that means not much writing - tho as the weather chills  in the coming autumn months, I hope to go on a roll.

I've been powering through Spartacus in spurts on Netflix, and will have a (complete) review up for that....as well as for Vikings: Season 3 as well....perhaps. I've also been steadily re-reading to Kill a Mockingbird, chapter-by-chapter, and will follow with Go Set a Watchman. currently, also steadily working through Red Rising and may pick up The Winter King following that [and Watchman.] On the bus I'm going through the anthology called Warriors.

So yeah - just checking in. Not much worth of update at this point of time, but letting you all know that I'm still around, as is the blog.

I hope to return with a few more entries next week [2-3...?]

So yeah - all in all not too much to report, blog-wise.

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