June 17, 2015

E3 Reactions


I, like others, was disappointed with Nintendo’s recent E3 presentation. There were a few good surprises, but not quite what the majority of fans were looking forward to, or hoping.

The Legend of Zelda (on wii u) is that console’s most-anticipated title. It is coming in 2016 sometime (my money’s on ‘sometime in November’.), so that was a no-show. That wasn’t surprising though. Here’s hoping that Nintendo doesn’t drastically change the game too much.

There was no sign of F Zero, be it a new game on 3DS or wii u, or even an HD / remake.

There was no Pikmin on 3DS.  No ‘proper’ Paper Mario. Not even a Captain Toad on 3DS. The Animal Crossing game that’s coming to wii u is a spin-off. Basically, it’s not what a lot of people were expecting. Hopefully that won’t hurt Nintendo too much. However, Nintendo is great at announcing, and launching titles throughout the year, as well as the Nintendo Directs.  Some of stuff was great though, but nothing in the way of ‘pleasant surprises’; just further information at what was confirmed, or guessed at. 

In terms of actual E3 presentation and title announcements and the like, to me the clear ‘winner’ is Sony with their PS4 material. Heck, with Final Fantasy VII remake wins E3 in of itself. Other games were shown as well, of course, too many to list here. As much as I am a Nintendo fan, one can’t ignore how well PS4 presented so far at E3. There are a few Nintendo titles I’m looking forward to (both on N3DS and wii u).

And, no sign of Earthbound / Mother making a return.

Here’s hoping that Nintendo continues to do some great games well before the wii u finishes, which I don’t think will be any time soon.

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