April 12, 2015

TV Alert: "Game of Thrones: Season 5" Episode 1

 At long last, we are here - Game of Thrones: Season 5. The 5th season (which looks to be the end of the currently published material brought to the screen, as of now) begins tonight with the episode titled "The Wars to Come".

I will still follow the series, regardless of which books are or aren't out. "The text is the text, the show is the show" as George R.R. Martin had said on many occasions. Two separate continuities. If for whatever reason The Winds of Winter (Book Six) is not out next year, fear not. The show will spoil nothing. Did Dexter spoil the books because it was different? How about True Blood? Vampire Diaries? There are many books that got adapted as a TV series that have been different from the source material. Game of Thrones began as a near-flawless ,almost word-for-word adaption of the book way back when it first began. Now, it is quite a bit different than the books. George (the author and one of the producers) as well as the people behind the show, met quite a bit over the past year or two, so they know where their stories are headed. But, I agree - I'd rather read how this story will end before watching it, no matter how much it has changed; but I won't stop watching because the show, which has changed from the books, isn't taking a break. If it was still nearly word-for-word, then I may reconsider. It seems different enough, and will likely continue to be different enough, that it won't bother me too much, if at all.

And, rather than review the first and last episodes of the season as I have done over the years, I will instead review the season as a whole. I'm debating on watching it (almost) week-by-week, or seeing if I can wait until the season has ended its run before starting the first episode. 

Either way - enjoy, and for those that read the books, it looks like this will cover [the rest of] A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons, as well as some creative changes thrown in. If The Winds of Winter does not come out by the time Season 6 begins, we are all in new territory. Heck, even if the book was out, how different the show is from the books, it would not matter anyway. 

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