April 27, 2015

Leather Editions Are Coming

Looks like on Oct. 27, 2015, there will be a new edition of A Song of Ice and Fire coming out from Random House / Bantam.
As you can see above, you get:

- A Game of Thrones

- A Clash of Kings

-A Storm of Swords

- A Feast For Crows

- A Dance With Dragons

At this point, I do not know what the content of the books will be like, the text aside. It appears that the books are only (at this time) being offered in a box set only. The total page count is listed at 5280 pages. It is unclear if this will be 'limited edition', or even if the rest of the books that aren't published / written yet, will be released in this format.

You can pre-order the (incomplete) set through various book sellers using this ISBN: 9781101965481

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