April 26, 2015

Flame On!

I haven't been talking much about hockey lately, or the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

My Ottawa Senators have been eliminated after one hell of a comeback, much to the delight of the Habs fans.

That being said, let's have a look at the current playoff bracket.....

In the West:

Anaheim vs Calgary. I say: go Calgary! The one good Canadian team left in the playoffs that has the colors of red and white, and with a 'C' for a logo.

Minnesota vs Chicago. I say: go Chicago!

Montreal vs Tampa Bay or Detroit (I'm hoping it's Detroit) : I say: go Detroit! Though I will cheer Tampa Bay should they advance instead.

New York (Rangers) vs Washington or New York (Islanders) (I'm hoping it's Washington) : I say: Go Washington!

That was a match-by-match breakdown of the current playoff bracket. As you might have guessed by the picture up top; my team will now be the Calgary Flames, since that my usual go-to team, the St. Louis Blues, are now out.

#FlameOn !!!

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