April 1, 2015

A Decision

I’ve reached a decision.

As many of you may know, I am writing a multi-volume book series. It is my intent to have them published as close together as possible so that people will not lose interest, and to reduce anxiety on all fronts for upcoming installments.

Which is why I’m going to wait until I’ve delivered the finale before I attempt to get any of them get published.

This will also hopefully fuel the fire of the drive and motivation to write more. There is no time limit, I know; but the sooner that last volume is completed, the sooner they can all be in my readers hands. It will ultimately be up to the publisher when to release them. I will submit the manuscript for Volume I, and announce that the rest of the manuscripts are also completed, and that the series is completed. This will allow maximum consistency and cohesiveness for the series as a whole. And besides, I’ll be able to fine tune any other the manuscripts if need be before I complete the final one, and seek to deliver the first.

I do hope that this news does not deter any readership. I will be writing other things here and there – before I complete, while they are being published, and after they are published. But this book series will be the only one I do. It’s “The Big One.”

As always, I will keep you posted along the way. Since none of the volumes are completed, and no release date set, this is technically not a delay ;)

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