March 21, 2015

Up Next For Me To Watch

So many shows that I watch are beginning to end! Mad Men. Downton Abbey. Hell on Wheels. I just finished watching Boardwalk Empire. And there are some that I watch that are still going: Vikings, Game of Thrones, Sherlock Homeland, and House of Cards. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Netflix uploading Turn, Halt and Catch Fire, as well as their own Daredevil. I also see that Rectify is up there too. None of which I've seen yet.

So what's next for me??

I am currently on Friends: Season 9 on Netflix. I will finish that as well as Season 10 and carry on with That '70s Show as my comedy. I have been quite keen on starting up The Killing, and very recently Netflix uploaded Spartacus. I would also like to start Sons of Anarchy, but that's further down the road.  

So that's how TV is looking for me in the next little bit!

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