February 12, 2015

Vote For Books to Donate

On the Love of Reading Foundation website, you are able to vote for which children's book you'd like to see find its way into kids' hands.

Harry Potter. Narnia. Anne of Green Gables. The Hobbit. The Secret Garden. His Dark Materials. And many more. Or, you can 'nominate' a book. Either way, the charity is letting voters decide what books they will donate. In the number one spot with a lot of votes (over 5000 more than second place) is the Harry Potter box set. I myself voted for The Hobbit, in hopes of raising its position, and being included in the donation. Also, it's quite a nice edition, and is usually the one I gift (or would intend to gift) 

You can take part here: https://www.lor10.ca/en/books

And should you wish to nominate a school, head to : https://www.lor10.ca/en/schools/new

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