February 28, 2015

Nintendo N3DSXL

I finally got around to getting my N3DSXL.

First game I got for it is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. One of the reasons, is that I had always intended to get it pretty much straight away, but also because it seems that the game is hard to come by. I am not sure if the game is being phased out or dis-continued, or merely hard to find, due to Majora’s Mask being out, and another ‘Zelda fever’ resulting .  I have others on my ‘list’ I plan to get.

But what would I like to see arrive on it??

I already discussed how I would like to see The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess released for it. I did a post (“Improving the Twilight”), but wanted to add onto that that Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is similar, graphically, to its wii counter-part. Just saying. And, that would be the next time Nintendo remasters/re-releases/remakes an existing Zelda title. Perhaps make it an exclusive to the N3DS, as opposed to the 3DS as ‘incentive’. 

Earthbound. If the original SNES title is remastered for (N)3DS, that would be great, but perhaps another game in the series? On the (N)3DS perhaps?

Metroid. I’d love to see another Metroid title. I don’t really have a preference for ‘how’, though.

SNES Remix. A sequel to the NES Remix games…could be cool.


Mario. Well, there are loads of possibilities for Mario. A sequel? (Mario 3D Land 2? New Mario Bros. 3? Some type of interaction with Mario Maker, perhaps? Also, I am not sure if this done, but perhaps a Super Mario World equal on 3DS to Mario 2 & 3 coming out as ‘Mario Advance’ on the GBA, or Mario Bros. DX on Gameboy Colour.


Dragon Quest VII. Please don’t let this be a Japanese-only release…

Captain Toad. Perhaps using the same graphics engine Mario 3D Land, and, due to the c-stick, a N3DS exclusive…  

F-Zero.  Even if it’s only F-Zero X 3D


Paper Mario. On the wii u, I believe a remastered edition of Thousand Year Door should come out, whereas the N3DS could get a new game.

That’s pretty much it for now…. I look forward to seeing what games will be arriving on the 3DS, as well as the intent of the exclusivity for the N3DS.I would like to see more SNES and GBA classics arrive, remastered, as well.

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