February 6, 2015

Junk on the Wall

Or, you know, you could tell us what he makes....

Anybody notice how lately facebook is looking more and more 'scammier'?

I'm not talking about ads or anything, but the whole 'if I get 1000 shares, my dad will buy me _". Facebook has been steadily filled with junk. That's to be expected as something grows in popularity, and more and more people use it.

One thing I've found lately to be annoying are the titles of videos or articles that try to 'entice' you to keep reading. The photo at the very top of my post is great proof of that. We don't know what he's going to make, but apparantly it's going to be good. A more practical thing would be to just put the name of the recipe in the video: "man Makes Best Waffles Ever!" or something to that affect.

Also, I noticed that a bunch of pictures and videos are being shared that show up in my news feed that have nothing to do with me. For instace, I may see a picture or video shared by a Las Vegas radio station. Well, you know what? None of my contacts live in Las Vegas! So why is this appearing in my feed?

In the picture above, I'm showing you to 'hide' anything that does not interest you.

Say for example, you friend, Mat, often shares stuff about Dungeons and Dragons. But you don't like Dungeons and Dragons. What you do, is click the 'down arrow' at the top of his post, and select 'Hide all from _'. This could be the Dungeons and Dragons facebook page, 'Dungeons and Dragons: The Offical Group' or anything of that sort.

At the bottom of the picture above, to show you what I mean, circled in red you can see the 'origin' of the picture.

Alternatively, if you have a nephew that shares something every five minutes, you can 'Unfollow' him as opposed to 'unfriending' him.

With these tips, I hope that some of my readers that are facebook users can 'de-clutter' their wall a bit. 

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