February 11, 2015

Improving the Twilight

This may be impossibly optimistic, but I have a great idea on what Nintendo could do on the N3DS, which is coming out this Friday:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. 

I know, there are few muttering, shaking their heads, etc, wondering how a wii / gamecube game could make it onto the N3DS.

With Wind Waker, Nintendo remastered the game in HD for the wii u. With Ocarina of Time and Majaora's Mask Nintendo also upped the graphical ante, and of course, made the games in 3D.

But for Twilight Princess, suppose the game CAN'T look any better than in its current state. So therefore, we 'remake' it, as opposed to 'remastering' it.

With Ocarina and Majora, (as well as Wind Waker) Nintendo also 'tweaked' the games here and there, fixing (or improving) anything that they thought would better the game. Since 3DS games have a certain graphical limit in order for the system to run them, as gorgeous as they are, they are not graphically amazing by today's standards. They look great! But they are aren't as good looking as say anything off the ps3, x360, etc.. Perhaps they are about as good (graphically) as the Gamecube. But folks, I honestly don't know the 'console equal' of a 3DS game.
So anyway, what Nintendo can do (in terms of the graphics) is smooth them out and brighten them up. Sure, the resolution or whatever of the game could drop, and not look as good as it did once before, but perhaps because the look of the game improves (smoother edges, better coloring / lighting etc.) the game will end up looking better. 

It has been a while since I've played Twilight Princess, so I'm not sure what else could be changed. Perhaps reduced 'wolf time' of the story or something.

Either way, I believe that Twilight Princess is a game that could be bettered, be it on the N3DS (as a 'new' exclusive?) or a full-out HD remaster like Wind Waker. I'm not saying Twilight Princess is bad a game, but it is one that Nintendo could definitely improve in the future, the next time they decide to re-visit Zelda.

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