February 6, 2015

Cones of Dunshire

There is a current KickStarter campaign to bring a board game into fruition : Cones of Dunshire.

This game is, at the moment, fictional, existing on the show Parks and Recreation. Mayfair Games, the makers of Settlers of Catan, helped 'create' the game on the show, and now they have a KickStarter to help raise funds to produce a deluxe version of the game, as well as potentially a 'normal' one.

From the wiki pages of Parks:


The game is for 8-12 Players. Playable characters include:

2 Wizards
1 Maverick
1 Arbiter
2 Warriors (the game CAN be played with only one warrior, but it's not as good)
1 Corporal
1 Ledgerman (Basically the scorekeeper, gets to wear a hat)
Other characters include Shamans, Farmers, Alchemists, Abbotts, Brinksmen, etc.
The game is a combination of luck and strategy. The object is to accumulate cones. 4 cones wins. In order to get a cone, players must build a civilization.
To read more, and make a pledge, head to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/152274765/cones-of-dunshire-relaunch

To see the various pledges (and perks, rewards, etc.) as well as ammounts, head on over here directly: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/152274765/cones-of-dunshire-relaunch/pledge/new?clicked_reward=false

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