November 6, 2014

Winterbeer '14

Well, it's time of year  a change in the beer season! Herein I name some winter / Christmas beers worth checking out.

First up is Bogwater, the winter seasonal by Beau's :

Eastern Ontario Gruit • 6.6% alc/vol
The inspiration for BOG•WATER came from the Alfred Bog, a truly unique feature of Eastern Ontario. The malt and yeast profile is that of a Belgian Dubbel, a very contemplative and complex ale, and we added an interesting twist: we use wild harvested bog myrtle, an herb used in brewing extensively until the 1500s. Bog myrtle adds bitterness, a sweet aroma and herbal spicy notes. The result is a beer style we can claim is truly our own, an Eastern Ontario Gruit.

Next up is the 'Best of Beau's' mix pack. While not strictly a 'winter' thing, it comes out close to year's end, and showcases the best (according to people voting in) beers of the year. This year there is: Winterbrewed (Coffee-Amber), Burnt Rock (Vanilla Porter), St. Luke's Verse (Lavender Gruit), and Mission Accomplished (American IPA)

By Mill St is the winter seasonal sampler. They include the regular Organic Lager, Tankhouse Ale, 100th Meridian, and Vanilla Porter (which usually comes out this time of year). Two new bears are added:

Dammerung Dunkel is a 5.0% abv German-style dark lager that is described as “a classic deep amber/mahogany lager brewed with 4 malts and classic German aroma hops to make a beer that is dark and very delicious.”
A Winter’s Ale is a 7.0% abv Christmas spiced ale that “tastes like your favorite aunt’s honey spice cake… but it’s beer!”

There's also Wychwood's Bah Humbug Christmas Ale, Old Fezziwig Ale by Samuel Adams, and double chocolate cranberry stout by Muskoka. I am sure there are numerous of others too. Either way, winter is a season for darker, heavier and heartier (such as stouts and dark ales) so hope that helps as well. 

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