October 27, 2014

"The Hobbit (Part 3)" Soundtrack Tracklistng Predictions

Here is the cover artwork for The Hobbit (Part 3) Special Edition soundtrack. I am pleased that Water Tower music has provided us with Special Editions of the soundtracks throughout the entire trilogy, in a matching format / cover style. 

The Special Edition soundtrack will be released on December 16, 2014, and will be 2 discs on CD, and will be available on itunes as well. There will also be a standard edition, featuring less music. 

Since there is a cover art reveal (as well as release date) but no track list released yet, here are some possibilities for track names:


- "The Last Goodbye" (performed by Billy Boyd) 

Chapter Titles from the Book:

- "Not at Home" 

- "Fire and Water"  
- "The Gathering of the Clouds"
- "A Thief in the Night"
- "The Clouds Burst"
- "The Return Journey"
- "The Last Stage"

Guesswork On My Part: 

- "The Worm of Dread"

- "Gold and Silver" 
- "The Arkenstone" 
- "The Heart of the Mountain" 
- "The Battle Begins"
- "The Battle of the Five Armies" 
- "The Adventure Ends" 
- "The King Under the Mountain" 
- "Into Dol Guldur" 
- "Light and Darkness" 
- "Escape From Dul Guldur 
- "The Siege of Dul Guldur" 
- "Snow After Fire"
- "The Eagles" 
- "The Heir of Durin"
- "Will You Follow Me?"
- "One Last Time" 

It would be neat if I got one of those right! Of course, that was not for the whole score and not in order either.
I am looking forward to seeing what the final tracklisting will be, listening to the soundtrack of course, seeing the film, buying the extended trilogy 2D box set next Nov, as well as (hopefully) The Complete Recordings. 

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