October 8, 2014

Smash Bros. U Release Date

At long last, one of the most anticipated games for the wii u has a release date!

Smash Bros. for the wii u will be releasing (in North America and Canada) on Nov. 21. I am glad that Nintendo is choosing to release it then. 

Also, I am sure it is a great game, but because I do not own a 3DS (yet...) I got tired of the abundance of the 3DS news and lack of wii u news. Also, it was slightly annoying that, due to the limitations of the *3DS* some things were cut out of, or changed, for the *wii u* version...why? Aren't they separate games? Anyway... 

I am sure you most likely know everything there is to know about the game at this point. You can pre-order it pretty much anywhere. Myself though, I am most likely going to go for the eshop digital version. (I have been hearing rumours that it will be about 8GB to download, but please do not quote me on that. Though if I am right....) I know it is a game that I will play very frequently and has a lot of replay value, and is one I planned to download since a little before I got the console. 

I will not go into the full details or specs of the game, however something worth pointing out here - those of you who still have gamecube controllers (and wavebirds) you are in luck.

Nintendo is making a gamecub controller adapter for the wii u, because of this game (I am unsure how compatible it will be with other and future titles). The adapter itself is pictured below. And yes, the wavebird stuff works with it. 

Also, Nintendo is making a 'Smash' themed gamecube controller:

Finally, here is an image to see how a configuration can look, maxed out [for reference purposes] 

Myself: friends that come over will use the wii u pro controller. It is a cool idea by Nintendo, but I see nothing wrong with the wii u's controller (not the gamepad, this one)

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