August 12, 2014

Oblivion Checklist

So I've been playing Oblivion at a steady pace, in my spare leisure time - you know, when I've done some writing, not in the mood to watch a show / movie, etc...
Since this game is 'free roam' I only really follow a strategy if I get stuck on a quest, or if I want to read up on an area before I get there. I just hit level 20 last night, and here is my checklist for the foreseeable future:
- recommendations for fighters and mages guild for Bravil and Bruma. [My cities visited, in order, are Chorrol, Skingrad, Cheydinhal, Anvil, L, and am now in Bravil]
- getting the Relics of the Crusader [since I have blade specialty, I'd rather the sword than mace]
- Castle of Kvatch [Oblivion gate is closed, though. Chipping away at this one. My next step is the Guardhouse Key portion]
- Arcane University [enchanting and spell creation]
- Oblivion gates / main quest
- undecided about Shivering Isles.
The game is going pretty well - I am enjoying it and the story is pretty engrossing, as are some of the quests. The Knights of the Nine content is particularly interesting.

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