August 5, 2014

Go Deeper Into Desolation

This post is for those who actually liked The Hobbit (Part 2), and have an interest in the trilogy's extended editions.

On November 4th, the second of the three Hobbit films gets its extended edition release on pretty much all formats. I am choosing to highlight the 2D blu-ray version of the film. 

You get:

- 25 extra minutes of the film re-inserted seamlessly into the runtime.
- Filmmakers’ Commentary
- New Zealand: Home of Middle-earth – Part 2
- The Appendices Part 9: Into the Wilderland: The Chronicles of The Hobbit – Part 2 – Join cast and crew as they share their experiences making the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy in this comprehensive chronology of the production, featuring blocking and filming of key sequences – from Lake-town to Smaug’s lair – stories from the set, stunts, special effects, VFX and much more...
- The Appendices Part 10: The Journey to Erebor – Meet new characters and creatures joining the adventure while taking a revealing look at Howard Shore’s brilliant score, then watch Smaug the Magnificent and the realms of Middle-earth evolve from concept to creation, all to be captured in pioneering high-frame-rate 3D technology.

I myself am holding off on getting this and the first extended edition, as I want to get the 2D blu-ray trilogy set. Should one not exist for whatever reason (in 3D only, for example) then I will get the first extended edition, the one shown here, and the 2D extended blu-ray for Part 3 all in one purchase. I am glad that the cover art 'matches' the style for Part 1, and imagine that Part 3 also will. 

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