July 5, 2014


I'm a newcomer to the Elder Scrolls series. I've tried Morrowind way back in the day (my introduction to the series) but never got around to getting my own copy, or playing too far into it. 

I did manage to get the Game of the Year Edition for Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls IV

Due to the openess of the world, it was hard to determine how far into it my first time playing. Also, I was learning to play as I went, so my gaming approach was quite sparodic in regards to quests etc. 

Lately though, I've fired the game up again. Now that I know how to play, I have a better handle and tighter focus on the game. Rather than going too open and crazy, I'm 'loosely' following the main quest. 

I am playing as a Breton 'adventurer' (spellsword, battlemage..) basically, using magic for attack and healing (attack as opposed to bows, and for my ranged attacks) but using light / leather armour, and a one-handed melee weapon and no shield. I'm also seeking to gain access to the Arcane University, Mage's Guild and Fighter's Guild.  

I'm enjoying it so far, and will consult guides if I really want to know something, get stuck, or want a quicker path. I do like the open feel, and being to go about my own pace, maybe spend a night at an inn if I reach a new town at nightfall or something. 

I'm also quite looking forward to playing Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V, but my PC isn't up to snuff to fully enjoy it. Once I get The Beast ver. 2.0, I'll load it up. I am getting the last bit of life out of my relic (and last physical PC game) by playing through Oblivion until then.I must say, the graphics still hold up to today's standard (perhaps Morrowind, too, but I'm afraid to look ind of...)

I look forward to The Elder Scrolls VI, as well.I remain on the fence about The Elder Scrolls Online, though. 

Ed note: I should add that aspects of The Elder Scrolls (III-V so far. I've tried Skyrim but don't have my own copy loaded up yet - thanks to friends, I was able to try it at their places), A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones, and How to Train Your Dragon (1 & 2 and msot like beyond) have inspired my own writings.... 

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