July 23, 2014

New Kissmeyer: B-Side Brewing Label Single

Looks there's a new beer coming out from Beau's B-Side Brewing Label - Kissmeyer Nordic Saison. It will be begin availability this Thursday, and here are the details:

5.2% alc/vol
Kissmeyer Nordic Saison
is brewed with a bouquet of organic sea buckthorn berries and rosehips, as well an infusion of fresh local rhubarb, for a fruity and distinctively Nordic character. Pale and slightly opaque, this Nordic Saison is medium-bodied, lively and effervescent, and deliciously dry. It offers medium bitterness along with spicy, floral and fruity aromas, and finishes slightly fruity, tart and crisp. Enjoy this first-ever single-release from the B-Side Brewing Label!

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