July 11, 2014

Birthday Suit Up!

Wow. This is it. 

Today, I've turned 30 years old. I don't feel any older, but I remember when my Dad turned 30, and when you remember yours parents the same age as you, THEN it makes you feel a bit older. 

So tonight I'm gathering my closest and bestest and heading out for drinks and supper at a pub. We're going to celebrate the occasion, but nothing too fancy or eventful. Perhaps my 40th will have a bit 'more' to it. Then again, in a few months I am going to the UK. My sister is also getting married, so there's causes for celebration throughout the year. 

When I was younger I was hoping to have more accomplished by this milestone. This is by no means a bad thing. This was before I even started college, and before the recession etc. Also, before I decided to write. 

I am thankful for being to make it to this milestone. I have been in one or two car accidents (not of my causing, nor was I driving, one was a really close call), and then there's that thing in my eye would could have been a lot worse. In short, I'm glad I live in a first world country where I don't needs to worry about surviving on a day-to-day basis...well, health wise. 

so it's off to celebrate soon. For those of youIi'll be seeing in a few hours, I'll see you then. For those who can't make it - raincheque. For those who never met me in person yet? Once my stories become printed and published, I hope you enjoy, and I hope to meet you at a con or event.  

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