April 7, 2014

"Two Swords" [spoiler-free] Episode Review

Finally, House Martell of Dorne made its appearance on Game of Thrones

And this is why I watch and enjoy Game of Thrones.

I am first and foremost a fan of the books. They are more enjoyable to me than watching someone's version of it. But that someone has overall been doing  a great job.

This episode had it all for me, as well as all the characters advancing, and introducing some new ones....most notably some family members of House Martell, a house we've never seen up until now (looking forward to actually seeing Dorne.)

The episode begins with the forging of 'Two Swords', which serves as a nice intro to the season, and episode. From there, we meet the Martells of House Dorne....let's just say that Lannister haters have a new house to support.   

All the main characters get re-introduced (and any secondary and tirtiary characters will get caught up with in future episodes.) I've read Blood and Gold, and A Feast for Crows (heck, also Dreams and Dust and After the Feast) so I know what's generally coming...but I look forward to seeing how it will be pulled off, as well as any changes made. To me, as a reader, this felt like the books.

As mentioned, I'm a big fan of the books, but this series passes the time quite well until the next one. Bring on Episode Two, ("The Lion and the Rose") as well as the rest of the season. 

Sometime soon, something fans have been thirsting for will finally happen...that's my non-spoiler tease.

I give the episode a solid:



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