April 18, 2014

Spring Beer Season

It's that time of year again - new season, means new beers get rotated. 

There a re a few offerings by both Beau's and Mill St.

Beau's is now offering the "Beaver River", which is their standard spring seasonal IPA. It is quite good, and as most real IPAs go, bitter. But not overbearingly so. This one of the IPAs that got me to be able to drink them. Some can be too bitter if you're not used to IPAs, but this was a great 'gateway'. It's available at the brewery, on bybo.ca , or the LCBO. For info on it, head to here:  http://www.beaus.ca/beer/seasonals/beaver_river

Also, Mill St is offering their Spring Seasonal Mix Pack, which features two types of beer: The Portage Ale (made here in Ottawa, and for a while was exclusive to the Ottawa brewpub, nut now can be purchased in this mix pack), as well as the 'Spring Thaw Maple Ale.' It's good, but not 'maple-y' enough. I recommend the mix pack, but if you could only get the Portage Ale, go for that. The Maple Ale is good, but disappointing in the maple department. Nevertheless, head on to the Mill st Brewpub in Ottawa (where I will be celebrating my 30th) and give it a shot, and if you like it, pick up a growler (if they still sell it as a growler) or the Spring Seasonal Mix Pack.

Portage Ale:

(5.0% alc./vol.)
Born at our Ottawa brewpub this is “old school" cream ale. Brewed in the style of several beers made long ago by breweries from the Lebreton flats upon which our brewpub is located. This beer is an easy-drinking, crisp, thirst quenching ale with a deep golden colour and bright white head. It is fermented twice, once with ale yeast to produce a creamy, robust palate and then again through a secondary fermentation with lager yeast to develop a smooth and mellow character – truly unique to this classic North American beer style!

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