April 5, 2014

Musical Evolution

It is now finally time for me to change musical formats. 

Growing up, I never had tapes for music. In those days, I wasn't 'into' music. So, I started off on CDs right off the bat. I remember what my first two CDs were - Yourself or Someone Like You by Match 20, and Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack (not sure where it went). I still have Match 20's album (as well as the rest of their music), and approx 200 more CDs. 

I continued to buy CDs for a while because it had the highest audio quality, in a convenient format. Yes, vinyl is superior, but they are made for 'at home' listening. Even when I got my first ipod all the back in 2007, I still bought CDs: I would transfer them to my itunes, and then to my ipod. 

CDs don't seem to be going anywhere (yes, you can still buy them) but it seems like the attitude towards them is going away. People are buying vinyls (which include 'download codes' so you get a digital version of the album), digital editions are offered almost for anything. Whereas the CDs are released are quite cheaply packaged - no holder for the disc, for instance. This could be to be environmentally friendly, but I miss having my CD 'secure' in place. 

Truth be told, I don't really listen to the actual physical CDs much anymore, since 2007. I still have a discman which I use for at home listening with good quality music to listen to the disc directly. But mostly I'll listen through my itunes (no need for my shelf Cd player anymore, since my computer has all my music and decent speakers).

I've always used itunes for my music player, and used Apple for my digital audio player. I've never had any issue, with any Apple products or software - for me, it's always worked for my purposes. 

Which is why I'm announcing that in this new era, I will be switching from CD to itunes digital music (I know I'll always go to Apple for tablet, music players, and for my next phone, which will most likely be the iphone 9S, shortly before the iphone X comes out. 

But I'm not getting rid of my CDs anytime soon, and I'll still get some to complete my collection - new Coldplay, for example. I have all their other material on CD, so I'll continue on like that, for instance. But anyone 'new', or if there's a release I wish to purchase and I don't have them already in my CD library, itunes it is.

As for the quality, the itunes quality for music purchased through there sounds quite close to when I do a high-quality CD rip to itunes. 

It is time to move on, it seems.

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