April 10, 2014

Armourded Company of the Sword Events

Well, mine own writing is going well. I regret that I can only write 'part time' but Kalvel is always being thought of, fear not! It may be a bit before Volume One becomes a BOOK, and I hope (but am not promising) to have the rest out shortly thereafter: approx no more than three years between each book.
Anyway, a break!
For you Ottawa Citizens (or nearby) that like medieval weapons, armour and what not, Armoured Company of the Sword has some events coming up following this Saturday's which I covered in a post previously.
Ottawa Comic Con. Check out the Guild booth: selling swords, armour, and talking about class. Bill will also be holding his panel about armour and swords on the Saturday. I plan on topping by either the booth or panel, depending on times, and discussing weapons and armour a bit; because of the series I'm writing. It is my hopes to have a booth set up (not picky of size or duration) as early as the next con. http://www.ottawacomiccon.com/
June 7th - 8th the Upper Canada Medieval Festival. Selling weapons and armour, and the fairgrounds also boast the Chivalric Productions Birds of Prey, potters, leather workers, events and games for young and old, and the always popular Knights of Valour jousting troop. http://www.uppercanadavillage.com/index.cfm/en/activities/special-events/medieval-festival/ 
July 12th – 13th is the Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival. Live steel demonstration. After the demonstration there is the “Meet the Knights” portion. There are child friendly events, food vendors, and the Knights of Valour jousting troop. July 11th is education day for children aged 4 to 14. The passport the children will receive will also cover their admission fee for Saturday or Sunday if they come back with a parent.  http://www.osgoodemedievalfestival.com/
August 28th – 31st Bill, Brenda, and Jeff are headed down to FanExpo, selling weapons and armour. http://www.fanexpocanada.com/
November 8th is the 7th Annual Armoured Company of the Sword Pumpkin Massacre! Created for the purposes of training, mixed in with a little fun. Here students new and old can refine their striking and see how effective the techniques really are. The event is bring your own sword. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day. A port-a-potty is available, and we ask all participants to donate to its rental. When the sun begins to set and cleanup is done, we then all head out to the DNS BBQ for a buffet dinner. Tickets to the buffet will be available for purchase closer to the event.

The sites is http://www.armouredswords.ca/

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