October 9, 2013

Book Review: "Crown of Swords" (Wheel of Time book 7)

I've finished the seventh (of fourteen...getting there!) Wheel of Time novel. If you want to know what I have to say, read more....

This book as well as the previous one, Lord of Chaos, could have been edited in half and combined into one book. Granted, I'm not finished the series yet but that's how it felt as of now. As a reader, it feels as if you're waiting for things to happen in a Wheel of Time book, or the series overall. The pace could be quickened b a few more chapters. Rather than getting to 'the end' (of the series), it felt like the writer went 'hmm...another Wheel of Time book...here, let's try this out!' . The series is beginning to suffer the same problems of long-running network TV series...

Overall, the series is entertaining, though a bit long (fact aside it's 14 books). As I may have mentioned before, after reading the first 3 (or 3, possibly four) books in the series, you would not believe it would go to 14 books. Around book 3 or 4, you realize that you'll be in for a long haul. I much preferred the 'earlier' days of the series (Eye of the World and The Great Hunt), as the pace was quicker and the plot more...straightforward. I will finish the series however. I will do a book-by-book review as I read them, and a big review post once I close the cover of A Memory of Light.

This book gets a 


it was enjoyable, but after the series got ramped up (and had a few surprises) in Lord of Chaos, this one felt like a step down. 

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