October 28, 2013

Benefits of The Book Depository

Because I live in Canada, certain some things come from the United States, and others come from the UK. This post will examine books.
I love online shopping. I don't buy everything online, but most things come from the web: books, CDs (I'm a dinosaur, I know....CDs have a far better sound than .mp3, even when ripped (.WAV) into itunes for use on my itouch.) most things like that. Very rarely, clothes.

For my books, I buy off of Chapters or Amazon usually, depending on price. But then I discovered a website I 'tried out' called "The Book Depository".  ( www.bookdepository.com ) I only ordered two book thus far off them sof ar and they seem to be 'legit'. 

For certain books (or authors), Canadians will either get the American (usually this is the case) or the UK editions available to them. 

Doctor Sleep - American     

Doctor Sleep - UK
  The example I'm using above is the most recent novel by Stephen King, Doctor Sleep. I'm using this because it's a recent release by an author I like, and also one of Chapters' 'big sellers' (you won't have trouble finding a copy, in other words). My most recent trip to the bookstore, I checked store stock out of curiosity, and I believe they had about 140. Check the Chapters website: "yep, it's in stock and can be ordered." Look on Amazon.ca: "Yup, they're good too." So I'm able to get the American printing of Doctor Sleep in hardback in a books tore, and online. 

But what if I don't like the cover? Or what if I want a different cover for the sake of having a different cover? Or maybe I just like having something by another publisher (for whatever reason)? 

Enter the Book Depository. On this website, based in the UK, you buy books online. They ship to most of the world. For free. No 'minimum'. PLUS, they carry 'other editions' of the same books. Look up Harry Potter, Tolkien, The Wheel of Time, Hunger Games for a few starters to see what I mean.

It's regretable that I discovered this site so late. Do I regret buying any of the books I own? No, but had I'd known, some of them may have had different covers (here's looking at you, Wheel of Time.) I know 'don't judge a book by its cover.' But it helps if a good book has a nice cover, too.

From now on, I'm going to check other editions of a book when it comes out and order my 'favorite' one off of the Book Depository. I know, some of you reading this probably don't care about what edition of a book you own, so long as it has all the text inside. I can understand that. 

I told you I like books! [below are some more examples of cover differences. There a re a few, but I went for ones that are 'noticably' different]. So the next time you see a book you want that has a cover you're not too fond of, punch into the Book Depository, and you can buy the more attractive one, shipped for free. 

Note that some areas of the globe have certain publishers. Example: Houghton Mifflin publishes Tolkien in the States, unless you order the UK edition. Canada carries the UK, Harper Collins, editions of Tolkien books. 
Also, if you look up a book on Goodreads and click 'other editions' you'lls ee all the other covers; including for those in other languages. 

Hunger Games - American

Hunger Games - UK

Fall of Giants - American
Fall of Giants - UK
The Eye of the World [first edition mass market & hardback] - American
The Eye of the World - UK

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