September 16, 2013

Switch to Short Fiction

Well, I'm coming close to my deadline.That is, my deadline to submit a short story for potential publication is October 29. The next time I sit down and write, I will be putting A Climb of Chaos, and the rest of Kalvel, aside to work on my short story. After that, I shall resume writing, not jotting down notes, or doing shuffling, but writing those two things around Christmas time. 

I've got enough of a lead to write anywhere from 3-5 chapters once I return to Kalvel. And, that's not counting 'extra stuff'. Like I said previously, I'm not deleting anything, just moving it around. So come the end of my final volume, if I still have things to say about Kalvel that couldn't 'fit' or 'work' as part of the main series [either due to length, tone or editing], expect some of those things to pop in a book entitled The Lost Lore of Kalvel, which is a historic-type book, featuring a few short stories of what potentially couldn't 'work' with the main series of novels; while fitting in with the rest of The Lost Lore, of course. 

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