September 23, 2013

Emmy Winners

Last night was the Emmy Awards. Here is a list of the winners, as well as my reaction....


Breaking Bad won this category. Every single one of these shows that got nominated is amazing, so I was not disappointed no matter who won. 


Modern Family wins yet again! Was hoping for that or Big Bang

  Lead Actor - Comedy

The fan favorite.
Lead Actress - Comedy

Had no opinion here. 
Lead Actor - Drama

That was unexpected! Thought for sure anyone else would win! Not that it's a bad thing, but a surprising thing! 

Lead Actress - Drama

All the ladies are great, but Clare was the strongest this year.

Supporting actor - Comedy

Thought for sure someone from Modern Family would win this one.

Supporting Actress - Comedy

I had no opinion here. 

Supporting Actor - Drama

Gyp Rosetti made season 3 of Boardwalk. Would have liked to see Game of Thrones win here, but the wrong actor was nominated - should have been Jaime Lannister! 

Supporting Actress - Drama

I was hoping for Maggie Smith, or Christina Hendricks, but Skyler was apparantly pretty kick-ass.


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