August 6, 2013

Book Review: "Lord of Chaos" (Wheel of Time book 6)

Another Wheel of Time book down! This one had the most twists and turns in it so far. And, this book was completely new to me. Check out my review...


This entry has a bunch of twists and turns and new developments. It also one of the longest books at 987 pages w/out the glossary. Epic fantasy can be long books but thing is, there are chapters that take too long for anything to happen. Again, I feel that the novel could have been, and should have been shorter. Between 300-400 pages would have been nice. I am quite confident that if the series was better edited and more 'tight', that the story could have been told in six books, eight at the very most.

So what about some of those developments? The Black Tower. Asha'man (men?) . Not to mention Nyaneve's big discovery.  The ending is quite good, and I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

Also, who said that the Aes Sedai are in charge? Are they like a police or something? It's annoying that people have to bend to their wills "just because". I'm glad when people stand up to them.  It gets on my nerves that they 'expect' so much. Take that, you nine-at-the-end-of-the-book!

And now for some speculative questions at this point:

- if an Aes Sedai is stilled, what happens to her Warder?

- can a man who channel have a Warder, male or female? 

- would it be possible for Rand to make Matt and / or Perrin his Warders, theoritcally speaking? 

On the whole, once again I give this book a solid 4/5 . If not for the new developments, twists, turns etc, if this was 'just' another book like 4 or 5 were, I'd probably give it a 3 instead. Despite the page count, this book is a good example of why I read this series. Sadly, the 'flaws' I keep mentioning are still present.... 

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