July 29, 2013

Play With Your Friends

I'm going to post about one of my favorite activities that has been re-discovered in the past two years - board games!

When my sister and I were younger, we used to play a few board games, as well as myself with some of my childhood friends. Some of these include: Planet Hollywood, Monopoly Jr, Clue Jr, Crocodile Dentist, It From the Pit, Siege, 13 Dead End Drive, Trouble (always wanted Double Trouble...), Sorry and Jumanji. I am also a fan of video games, and still am, but somewhere along the lines I stopped playing board games as much as I used to. 

So recently, I got back into board gaming. I prefer board games over card games tho (due to my ADD, I always had a tricky time 'fanning' out my cards if I had 5 or more). 

Some of the ones I'm interested in are as follows....

Hive (Carbon) (it's like Chess and Tick Tac Toe or something..played a few times, quite good)
Monopoly (I haven't played a full game of 'original' Monopoly in a while.)
Zombicide (fun with 4-6 players, check it out)
Clue (I haven't played the non- Jr one in a while)
Mad Gab (great as a drinking game or a 'sober' game)
Apples to Apples (This is a riot)
A Game of Thrones (I haven't tried it yet....no really, there is a Game of Thrones board game out there!)
The following Settlers of Catan expansions:
- Traders and Barbarians
- Seafarers 
- Explorers and Pirates
- Cities and Knights
Ticket to Ride (Europe) (I haven't tried this or the regular one, but it seems cool!)
Axis & Allies (This looks cool. I never tried it. There are a few variations out there)

Which ones do you recommend? My current favorites are Risk, Settlers of Catan and Zombicide.

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