July 23, 2013

I've Got the Bluesfest Blues

Another Bluesfest has come and gone, one of the highlights of summer, and the year, for me.

I was privileged to see : The Black Keys, Flogging Molly, Great Big Sea and BB King.  Here are some videos :

The festival has been around since '94 and has evolved since. I've begun attending in 2010 though. Next year it turns 20. I'm curious to see who will perform and what will be done to celebrate the momentous occasion. Here is a list of performers I'd love to see who haven't played Bluesfest yet (correct me if I'm wrong, did my best to research this)
David Bowie
David Gilmour
Collective Soul
Daft Punk
Florence + the Machine
Matchbox Twenty
Mumford & Sons
Porcupine Tree
Steve Wilson
Eddie Vedder
ZZ Top
Eric Clapton
Neil Young
Dean Brody
Smashing Pumpkins
Angels & Airwaves
The Raconteurs

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