May 6, 2013


Wow. Just wow. What a game. Not only did the Ottawa Senators defeat Montreal a second time (game 3) but we destroyed them 6-1. Pageau got a hat trick. It was definitely a great night for Ottawa, made even greater when Ottawa fans were smearing Montreal's 'Ole' song right in their faces. I can't wait for game 4 to see how it will all turn out (or even the end of the first round). Speaking of, curious to see who Ottawa will face in round 2. But let's not jump the gun.
With the other teams, Pittsburg is a head which isn't good for Ottawa. The Capitals are head 2-0. Boston and toronto are tied.
In the West, the Blues are ahead and so is San Jose.
One final hockey note before I end this post. Over the weekend, we celebrated my girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's birthday, and he is a fan of another NHL team. He has some merchandise and got an 'old time' hoodie. This has renewed my interest in hockey gear. Here are some of the Sens stuff I have my eye on :

And just for fun, and to have a 'retro' feel the 'old time' Hartford Whalers hoodie is a neat little item. I think it looks quite sharp :
*note this post was written in RED to show support for the Senators.

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