March 13, 2013

NetFlix Update

It appears that my Netflix rotation has increased quite a bit.
It had consisted of Community and Damages, as well as the occasional movie from time to time. There's a bunch on there yet to discover, and I hope they keep adding shows (Deep Space Nine and Voyager, where are you?). Both Community and Damages are quite good, and worth checking out. However, I've added another show to the line-up. I really wish NetFlix allowed you to create a list - either to keep track of what you want to watch, or a 'playlist'. I've now watched the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation.
I've always enjoyed watching various Star Trek series (TNG, DS9 & Voyager), but in the 90s there was no 'TV on DVD' or streaming, or downloading. If you didn't watch it while it aired (either 'new' or 're-run') you had to tape it to catch it. It's hard to imagine watching TV these days without time shift, DVR, or watching the seasons on disc. Now that this tech is available, I'm able to watch some series I was interested din back then, but couldn't. I always wanted to watch TNG start to finish, but with 7 seasons and 'the 90s', it was hard. Now....
As I mentioned, I watched the first season of TNG, much to the relief of my girlfriend, who was awaiting me to finish so she could start season 2. I've also seen that Stargate SG-1 (all 10 seasons) are up there too. I may start that up too. I've noticed that they only have SG-1, and no 'movies' or the spinoff series Stargate Atlantis.
In the foreseeable future, my Netflix (only NetFlix, this post doesn't deal with TV watching outside of NetFlix) line-up looks like:



Star Trek TNG

Stargate SG-1

(I would watch DS9, Voyager and Atlantis, when and if they get added) .
Who knows what other series they may post.... once Hell on Wheels gets it second season uploaded, minimizing wait times.
I watch a bit of TV, I know, but it's not a lot all at once.

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