March 14, 2013

Amazon Wishlist Update

I have once again updated my 'Amazon Wishlist'. 

What this is, is me 'tracking' what purchases I want to make for myself, or for my readers to gift to me if they are interested in doing so. I got that idea from Brandon Sanderson with his Magic cards.

Here is my list:

Anyway, so what's been added lately?? What do I want to get myself somewhere down the line? New additions, worthy of note are: Some Stephen King books (It, The Shining, Dr. Sleep, Full Dark No Stars, Hearts in Atlantis, Skeleton Crew, Bag of Bones, Desperation, Rose Madder, Insomnia, The Eyes of the Dragon, The Dead Zone, and Salem's Lot), Some Tolkien books (History of the Hobbit [ perhaps my girlfriend would like those two books....hmm... ;P ], Art of the Hobbit, the beautiful Tales From the Perilous Realm [potentially this, too.....], as well as his translation of Finn and Hengest, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the first five Dark Tower comic trades (the same material in the large omnibus but 'watered down'...still the same comics tho!) which includes (in order) The Gunslinger Born, The Long Road Home, Treachery, The Fall of Gilead, and The Battle For Jericho Hill. 

In the DVD / blu-ray / TV department there's the first two seasons of Homeland (as well as the entire series, but it's only two seasons in), Breaking Bad on blu-ray, Mad Men on blu-ray and Sherlock blu-ray; among others. finally, I've added a few CDs since the last update. There's other things listed too - use the filters to see 'priority' (how 'badly' I want things) as well the product type. That's found on the right.  

Like I said, this list is my 'checklist' for myself, but if anyone out there wants to gift anything off the list, you pay, and it gets delivered to me, without me knowing! an example would be a friend who lives overseas, or something to that effect. I hope you enjoyed having a peek at what I'd like to have. I'm not a material person too much, and this list has existed for about a year, year and a half..some things get taken down and posted up, as I get them or become interested in new things. 

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